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The Lucretia Files---The Mystery Is Solved!

It Has Been Four Years Since The Death Of Lucretia, the late Prince of Mesquite, and it is now known that she was slain by Lupines of a sect known as the Get of Fenris, who were under the influence of another Tribe of Lupines who call themselves the Shadow Lords. A ghoul known as the Knight Ranger/Night Ranger wished to take credit for her death in order to boost his reputation as a capable fighter, but this has since been exposed for the pathetic falsehood that it is. Let there be a moment of silence for the Departed Prince Lucretia, and let us hope that she found more peace in Final Death than she had in life.


This Lupine of the Fianna Tribe was instrumental in the resolution of this baffling mystery. According to Angus, Lucretia was slain when a deal she made with the Shadow Lords went horribly wrong. Apparently, Lucretia double-crossed the The Shadow Lords, who then manipulated a few of their Get of Fenris pawns into hunting her down and doing their dirty work for them. We are indeed grateful to Angus for his help in solving Lucretia's murder.

The "Night Ranger," or as he prefers, "Knight Ranger."

This sorry pretender (see below) covets what we have, and has been harassing several innocent Kindred in this area for a long, long time. Though he has patterned himself after a "comic-book superhero," it seems that he is simply "off his rocker," so to speak. As I have stated above, he is in no way involved with the death of Lucretia, other than the fact that he falsely attempted to claim responsibility for her Final Death. Nevertheless, he is annoying, and anyone as out-of-touch with reality as he is might be considered a possible threat, at least in theory. By all means, have no contact with this person, as it is generally wise to be remote in the presence of lunatics. (Present Malkavian company excepted, of course.)

ATTENTION! The "K/Night Ranger" has finally broken his silence. His comments can be seen in my guestbook, and I have responded to them in the 1/1/04 entry of my new weblog.

Just Say NO To The "K/Night Ranger!"

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