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Happenings of Note Among the Kindred in the Dallas Area

Negative Status Has Been Announced for Remington De Balzac (Formerly Remington Johnston) of Clan Brujah, for his recent behavior. According to his fellow Brujah, Remington "hasn't been quite right" lately, but that does not excuse the "prank" he pulled last Thursday, in which he spray-painted the words "BOW DOWN AND WORSHIP MY BALZAC!" on Toreador Primogen Linda St. Claire's new Lexus. "He's just hasn't been the same since he fought that really, really old Antitribu Malkavian, and he's been listening to way too much GWAR," says another Brujah, one Stephanie "Absynthekitten" MacGillis. When asked to comment on "Signor Remington's" actions, Brujah Primogen Dave "8-Ball" Invisigoth simply stated, "That ain't represenin'."

The Primogen Council will convene this Friday at Midnight at their usual booth at Denneys to discuss whether Elysium was breached during the event that took place Tuesday involving the water balloons, the lawn darts, a stolen formal ballgown belonging to Lady Ravenna Gallowstree of Clan Ventrue, a Dominated Mortal pizza delivery boy (who had to be Dominated again to forget the entire incident,) and Boris, the Ghouled Orangutan retainer belonging to Primogen Mustafa Kensington of clan Tremere. Those responsible will likely suffer loss of status within the City of Dallas. I understand it was a rather messy situation; Primogen Kensington says that Boris is still rather put out.

Lewdmilla Ashcroft of Clan Nosferatu writes, "I saw what you were doing the other night. You know who you are. Call me on my cellphone, and we'll discuss what you owe me to keep quiet. I am also open to offers from other Kindred who are willing to meet my price for this information. Ta ta, Lewdmilla the Loud."

Jonathan Hampsterdance-Beetlebottoms-Wombat-Hendrickson-Floundermelon-Spirit-Of-San Francisco of Clan Malkavian would like to say "Hi" to his sister, Hortencia Hampsterdance-Beetlebottoms-Wombat-Hendrickson-Floundermelon-Spirit-Of-San Francisco, also of Clan Malkavian.

Baron Ladislav Carpathignius writes, "Hey, does anyone want to see Cheaper By The Dozen when it opens? 'Cause I got free passes. Call me."

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