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CLAN: Ventrue, Seventh Generation.

In service of The Prince Of Dallas

For Nearly Two Decades Now,

I have faithfully served the Princes of Dallas, ever since my awakening from my centuries-long torpor in what was then known as Antioch. I had been a noble Crusader, on a mission to help reclaim the Holy Land. Alas, my Faith was all but shattered, as my Fellow Knights seemed bent on little more than rape and pillage. I parted ways from them and struck out on my own, the better to serve those who truly needed me. And when Lady Carlotta gave me the Embrace, and I was at last Born to Darkness, I finally learned exactly who that was.

Sadly, a Baali's dagger cut my mission short. For hundreds of years I lay in Torpor, Until I was awakened by my one true love, the Flower of Womanhood, Miss Alexa Dietrich of UTD. A budding History major, she was on vacation at the time, and happened by chance to stumble into the Crypt where I had been Imprisoned for so long. I am Eternally Grateful to whatever Dark Goddess of Love was responsible for bringing us together.

But, I digress. To make a long story short, I travelled to the Realm of Dallas in order to be closer to my Love. It was then, in the Fall of 1991, that I came to serve The Prince of Dallas, and I have ever since. Gods willing, I hope I shall for a long time to come. And as I serve the Prince, so do I also serve all those beneath the Throne, all the Kindred in the DFW Area. I pray that my Wit and my Sword are up to the challenge.

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