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Welcome, Fellow Kindred ...vampire, kindred, white wolf, masquerade, world of darkness

07/11/2004: NEW BACKGROUND! What do you think of what I've done with the place?

I, Captain Vincent Alucard of Clan Ventrue, on behalf of the Prince of Dallas Texas, wish to represent my kind, as well as serve as your worthy guide in the Dark World. Be at ease, you are among friends here.

On 12/24/2003, the thundering lunatic known as the "Night Ranger/Knight Ranger" finally broke his silence. You can see his comments in my guestbook, as well as my response in the 1/1/2004 entry of my weblog.


NEW! The Captain's Weblog!

7/11/2004: NEWER! The Captain's Livejournal!

The Captain's Links

Happenings Of Note Among The Kindred In The Dallas Area.

My Profile

The Lucretia Files:
UPDATED! Everything I have to date concerning the recently-solved murder of Lucretia, Late Prince of Mesquite.

The Primogen of Dallas:
Your advocates in a World of Darkness. (UPDATED, but still under construction.)

Vampire Names:
Find your Vampire Name!

My Guestbook

The Church Board:
The Official Message Board for the Dallas Goth Club known as "The Church."

Vampire: The Masquerade, "Bloodlines.":
Another role-playing computer game from the masterminds at White Wolf and the designers at Troika.

The Dallas Gothics:
The Official Homepage of the Dallas Goth Scene!

White Wolf:
The Official Homepage of White Wolf, the makers of Vampire: The Maquerade RPG.
The Official Unofficial fansite of Vampire: The Masquerade.

NEW! Strindberg and Helium!
As seen at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival! Dark Humor at its best.

A delightful emporium for the Wiccans and Neopagans among us.

Children of the Night have visited my page since 2002.

The creator of this page wishes in no way to infringe upon the copryrights of CLAMP studios, Ghost Planet, White Wolf, or Black Dog Productions. No money is being made here.

Spiderman teaches us to dance! DANCE, GOTHLINGS!!! *whipcrack*